Cinema 4D: Modeling A Toy Robot

A friend of mine offered me a 3D mod­el­ing chal­lenge, ask­ing me if I’d model a toy robot that’s part of his logo. Here’s the ref­er­ence image that he sent me: So I took the chal­lenge, and ran with it. Check out my friends web­site ( and Face­book page. Hope­fully, in the next week or so, […]

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Modeling A Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder

Cinema 4D: Modeling A Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder

So, yesterday’s chal­lenge was some­thing close to home…okay…literally it’s in our house…we have a sponge holder in our kitchen sink. Here are a cou­ple of ref­er­ence images. It took me a lit­tle over an hour, but I think it turned out pretty good! I decided to play around with the Phys­i­cal Ren­derer, and it is […]

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End Tables 675x420

Cinema 4D: Modeling An End Table

In an attempt to sharpen my 3D mod­el­ing skills, recently, I’ve chal­lenged myself to model some­thing in the Cin­ema 4D every day. The first day of this chal­lenge, I tried some­thing really simple…an end table in our bath­room. This one was pretty sim­ple, as it’s all cubic shapes. This took me about 15 min­utes to […]

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Cinema 4D: Modeling A Dental Appliance Case

Last year, I was hired to do some C4D work that involved mod­el­ing and recre­at­ing a den­tal appli­ance for Green­berg Direct & Zyp­pah RX (ref­er­ence image below): I don’t get the chance to do as much 3D mod­el­ing as I’d like, so this task posed a unique chal­lenge beyond using sim­ple prim­i­tives. Since the basic shape of the appli­ance is […]

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Greyscalegorilla’s Texture Kit Pro

Greyscale­go­rilla released their much antic­i­pated update to their Tex­ture Kit today…the aptly named, Tex­ture Kit Pro. The qual­ity of the prod­uct lives up to its name…it def­i­nitely is pro qual­ity. I’ve been play­ing around with it since I got the down­load link this morn­ing in my email inbox, and I have to say…just with the […]

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